The ability to be completely unmovable from vertually anything.


The user no matter what cannot be moved so long as this ability is active. If they fell from a plane and activated this ability, they would stop completely in there tracks. This power i so absalute that someone wouldn't even be able to teleport them. A person could theoretically stop a planets rotation with this power. They also could theoretically not move even if time is rewinding. The highest end user can not only move while this ability is active but can force others to be held by it also.


  • Immunity to Teleportation
  • Immunity to Telekinesis
  • Immunity to Gravity
  • Hold on to something indefinately


  • User may not be immune to this power
  • User isn't invulnerable and can still take some damage
  • User cannot use this ability to fly.

Known Users

  • Dreadnought Micro
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