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Scientific Name: None

Home Planet: Paradisia


The Empyreans used to belong to a race of cosmic wardens known as the Sentinels, they swore an oath only to observe the universe and not to intervere with it's problems but a small group of them refused and moved to the planet Paradisia. The other Sentinels were not happy and used their power to prevent the Empyreans from ever leaving Paradisia, when the astronaut Joshua Trexlar was lost in sace, they saved him and gave them access to their Celestial Flame, imbuing him with amazing abilities. Today he serves as their champion.

Powers and Abilities

  • Celestial Flame
    • Divine Element Manipulation
    • Healing
    • Sanctification
    • Enhanced Physical Condition
    • Flight
    • Omnivision
    • Morality Sense
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