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A powerful succubi who controls the heart of others.


She's flirtatious and beautiful.She's the only Succubi who doesn't need the Male's 'Seed' to live


Heart Manipulation-She controls hearts like how fast it beats or if it beats at all.

Succubi Physiology-She is a succubi.

Enhanced Supernatural Beauty-She is not only well endowed[in more ways than one] she has hordes of males and females flocking to her just because of her presence.

Pheromone Manipulation-She can basically control any male with the pheromones she makes.

Life force Syphon-She can take life force from one object and give it to another.

Clothing Generation-Not only does she have the figure to fill any clothing she wears she can also generate it.the clothing she makes can give her powers.Charity Tsunami is the only other user of this power.

Dancing Lily A.k.a.Yuri-Dancing lily a.k.a.Yuri is her fighting style that she created.She's a master at hand-to-hand combat.

Luckiness-She is an lucky gal and is an gambler.


  • She hates Snakes
  • Not only is she freaked-out

by snakes but is freaked by Wolves.

Trivia or Request

  • She calls Avery Vulcan an pervert because he has X-ray vision.
  • Le Beau means 'The Handsome' or 'The Pretty'.
  • She can dance well as her first name suggest.Emi means Beautiful Dance
  • Measurements:Ht:155 Hips:36cm Waist:57cm and Bust:92cm
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