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Vital Information

Real Name: Dr. Dominic Maynard

Aliases: Nick, The Ethereal Man, The Immaterial Man, The Insubtantial Man, Phantom

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good/Neutral

Race: Mutant Human

Character Biograhy

Dr. Dominic Maynard was a leading researcher in Dimensional Science but Dr. Adrian Geigilherz, a rival scientist could not make the breakthroughs that Maynard was making and sent thugs to steal equipment and blue prints. Maynard was staying late to tutor an intern who had not arrived yet and when the thugs came, he defended his technology with his life but it got damaged, the thugs ran away as the technology began to malfunction but Maynard was not so lucky, the machine released a huge dimensional surge that mutated Maynard.


Tormented by dimensional reverberation, slightly unstable due to his condition, vengeful towards those who caused his accident

Powers and Abilities

  • Astral Projection - Eidolon can project his conciousness in an intangible, invisible form, an intangible form that resembles his physical form and an intangible, monstrous form
    • Ghost Interaction - Since Eidolon's astral form is essentially a ghost hecan inteact with other ghosts on the earthly plane
    • Persuasion - By whispering into his target's ear, Eidolon can convince them to obey his commands
  • Ectoplasm Projection - Eidolon can project ectenic force from the Ghost Zone from any part of his body but tends to use his hand for greater ease in aiming
    • Energy Blasts - Eidolon can utilise ectoplasm as a concussive force
    • Telekinesis - Eidolon can project ectenic force into an object and manipulate it
    • Binding - Eidolon can cause the ectoplasm to wrap itself around a target
    • Freezing - Eidolon can slow the molecular vibration of objects via ectoplasm
  • Phantom Vision - Eidolon's dimensional mutation gives him a unique perspective
  • Levitation - Eidolon can use his ectoplasmic abilities to fly for short periods of time
  • Ghostwalking - Eidolon can fade completely into the Ghost Zone, travel through it and reappear, doing something that resembles teleportation
  • Clairvoyance - Eidolon can see through anything used for monitoring including eyes and cameras
  • Mediumship
  • Knowledge of Street Fighting
  • Knowledge of Martial Arts
  • Knowledge of Engineering
  • Knowledge of Dimensional Science
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