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"What's so great about this sword? You mean besides the fact that I can use it to shatter a planet and kill pretty much anything I come across?"

–Fenris Darkheart Bragging About His Weapon to Chronarch


Fenris Darkheart.




Eclipse is a 64 inch long, two-handed, greatsword made out of a dark steel like material. It has a crossguard made from the same material as the main blade itself. The hilt is wrapped in a hilt made of oak and the pommel is a spherical, polished ruby, that emits both light and darkness.


5 lb 10oz.

Abilities & Powers

Eclipse (when wielded) grants Fenris Supernatural Swordsmanship and Twilight Manipulation. It's edged is unbreakable and immune to age, rust, decay, physical damage, etc. It's powers are user bound. This means that only it's original creator and wielder can use its abilities. The sword is completely normal for everyone else.

Weapon Origin

Eclipse was forged by Fenris when he traveled into Hell to track down Lucifer (who had not only managed to discover the location of the Omega Codex, but stole it as well). While he was there, Fenris forged Eclipse from the hellfire that surrounded him. He then used it to defeat Lucifer in single combat. After this he left with the Codex and his new weapon Eclipse, in hand.

Weapon Name Origin

Fenris named his blade Eclipse upon witnessing a solar eclipse on Earth. He says the solar eclipse reminded him of the aura that wreathed his weapon when he was using its twilight powers.

Weapon Power Origins

Eclipses Unbreakable Edge and User Bound Powers are all enhancements Fenris added to the weapon after his duel with Lucifer. The blades Twilight Manipulation powers only surfaced when Fenris channelled both Primordial light and darkness into the sword during a fight he was having with a divine-demonic Nephalem.

Combat Style

While it is supposed to be wielded with two hands, Fenris only uses one. He wields it as a longsword most of the time and occasionally as a greatsword. It is kept in a sheath on his back made from drake skin.

Weapon Techniques

Planetary Strike: Fenris slashes through a target with enough force to shatter a planet. This attack can be blocked by transcendent angelic beings only.

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