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He's nice


Animation & Comics Materialization-He is an manga/video game creator an he can make his works of art come to life or trap you inside of it.

Animated Shadow-He can make his shadow fight along side him or use it as a extra body.

Dark Element Manipulation-He may be an good guy but he was tought how to use the dark arts and elements.

Shadow Mimicry-He is made of shadows so he take on his true for infinite attacks of moves.

Amalgamation-He can fuse two living objects together.

Biological Manipulation-He controls life on the biological level.

Blood Manipulation-He can control blood and stop powers via this.

Elemental Transmutation-He is an dark alchemist.

Infinite Supply-He has an infinite supply of throwing knives and lead for his pencil.

Scald Generation-He can shot burning hot water out of his mouth or out of his hands.

Communing-He is one with the plane of the dead.

Tracking Evasion-He can cak hide from the best tracker in Mu.

Musical Empathy-Music is one thing he knows he can use to fight with.

Enhanced Condition-He is at the penical of superhuman standards both mentaly and physicaly.

Kinetic Energy Manipulation-

Comic Book Physics-


Cosmic Symbiosis-


Higher Consciousness-


  • Holy Water
  • Hell Fire
  • Demonic light
  • Gold or Silver
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