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Vital Information

Real Name: Aileen Vera

Aliases: None

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Human-Plant Hybrid

Goals: To protect innocents and to combat plant pollution

Character Biography

Aileen Vera was an intern at a botanic laboratory where they were trying to tap a druidic force known as the Viridian to sustain plant growth without sunlight, water and nutrients. Aileen was exposed to Viridian energies for multiple weeks, until she started to feel different, she could feel things from plants like pain when they got stepped on and joy when they got watered. Her body started to mutate until the point that she resembled a plant, she was also overwhelmed by the emotions she could feel from plant life, she could tell the plants were suffering and used her superpowers to fight any who cause pollution.


Dryad is quite fragile and sensitive but will get angry when somebody threatens her plants and will protect them with her life

Powers and Abilities

  • Plant Physiology
    • Gun Arm - Dryad can shapeshift her right arm into a rose-stylised weapon, this is her main form of offense and includes many forms of ammunition including bullet seeds, sleep-inducing pheremones, corrosive plant toxins and paralysing spores.
    • Blade Arms - Dryad can shapeshift her arms into thron blades
    • Whip Arm - Dryad can shapeshift her arms into thorny vine whips
    • Healing - Dryad can heal others with plant spores
    • Solar Affinity - Dryad can absorb sunlight to enhance her physical capabilities
      • Enhanced Condition
      • Enhanced Regeneration
    • Plant Empathy - Dryad can feel the emotions of plans
    • Self-Sustenance - Dryad can survive without food and sleep via photosynthesis and absorption of water and nutrients from the ground, however she is at optimum condition when she conforms to both human and plant necesities 
    • Botanical Symbiosis - Dryad can bond with other plant bodies and manipulate them accordingly
  • Knowledge of Botanics


  • Fire - Since Dryad is partially composed of plant matter, she can be easily burned
  • Lack of Solar Energy - Dryad is weaker without sunlight
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