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"This realm is deception at its finest. After all...who would suspect the most beautiful place in the Totality to be hiding its deadliest secret?"

–Overheard Conversation Between Lucero The Fourth Guardian and Dokken The Second Guardian.


Driunor was created by the cosmic entity Chronarch to house the Omega Codex and to act as a habitation for the twelve Vy'laran guardians who would protect it.


Driunor is a flat world floating in the darkness of the Totality. It is orbited by two luminaries, a moon (Ma'lor) and a sun (Eos). Their orbits follow a north to south route rather than a cyclical or east to west route like many other luminaries. The main world itself is a forested paradise surrounded on all sides by a massive ocean known as the Outer Sea. Driunor has an oxygen rich atmosphere, which allows for increased physical and mental growth. This in turn allows the numerous species of creatures that inhabit the dimension to grow to massive proportions, these creatures are not hostile however, and pose no danger towards visitor's to the dimension. At the very center of Driunor, of course, is Yan-Soreth (also known as the Shining City) which contains the Citadel, Infinity Vault, and the Omega Codex.

While the dimension and Yan-Soreth are open to those who are capable of traversing the Totality, the Infinity Vault is not. Any and all beings who try to enter it will be denied access. Usually the consequences are not too severe for those who are just curious, most times they are let go with just a warning, but for those who are dead set on getting to the Codex, the consequences are worse.

Much, much worse.



  • Yan-Soreth (The Shining City).
  • The Citadel.
  • The Infinity Vault.
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