[Gai]:Okay it's time to get down to business!

[medaka]:Your stupid you know that?

[D]:Okay I'm pretty sure you both heard the rules so let the match begin!!



[Gai]:Fusion complete!! It's time for you to die evil do'er!!!

[Medaka]:So you do know who I really am well it doesn't matter lets dance!!

A wierd song started to play in the background.

Powerpuff Girls Z Opening

Powerpuff Girls Z Opening

Sorry but I do not absolutely "NOT" own Powerpuff Girls Z at all so please go Support the official release of the show it's already Dubbed so go buy it now or Medaka Will kill you!!!

[Gai]:Really Powerpuff Girls Z? That's just sad bro.

[Medaka]:It's the only thing that will calm you down lets end this in one hit!!

[Gai]:Man your just getting on my nerves now so lets end this in one go!!

[Medaka]:That's what I just said now die!!!

[Gai]:Uuuughhhhhhhhh......Big Bang Buster.

[Medaka]:Anti-matter punch!!!

The attacks collided making a huge explosion Gai and Medaka were sent flying in the end Medaka was the only one who got up.

[D]:Wow that's a downer Team Big Bang just got thier first lost I hope they don't get two more or thier out of here!!

[Medaka]:Who's next?


[Gen'yu]:Your up next Haruno!! Don't lose okay?

[Haruno]:Let this fine body get injured yeah right!

[Gen'Yu]:Don't kid around out there okay?

[Haruno]:Okay tiger? I'll win for you but just this once.

[Gen'Yu]:Whatever you'll let down the Intergalactic.Intelligence.Agency if you do so no pressure okay?

[Haruno]: Awe that's okay I never lose.

[D]: And our next fight is Haruno Akatsuki against Xena Vicaris









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