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Boundless beings of immense power and potential.


Dreamers are beings without boundaries. They can create anything, do anything and become anything they wish to be through the help of the Dream realm. Their only limitation is their imagination.

To them, the Dream realm is a place where they can see their selves. The Dream realm enables them to assess their existence and change for the better. Powerful Dreamers can reach a certain level of mastery with their abilities where they can easily change the existing laws of certain realms or dimentions. But even with all the power a dreamer can have, no dreamer is stronger than the other, only better users with regards to their imagination.

Dreamers and Creation

Every creation a dreamer has is empathic and exclusive to him and him alone, thus whenever something he created is being used by others, the overall existence or characteristics relating to that creation weakens for that 'other' user. One good example is an abilty created by a dreamer. If that ability that has been copied or learned by someone else, that version or copy will always be weaker than the original ability. And as the ability continues to be used, copied or learned by everyone else, the ability gets even weaker. So if there's a clash of ability, the first and original version of the ability will always win over the other same ability being used against it. So whenever they're creating abilities, it is important for them to be atleast be the first one who has created it.

Types of Dreamer

Typical Dreamer- An awakened Astral traveler that has gained full conciousness of both the real world and the Dream realm and has gained boundless power and abilities.

Merged Dreamer- A Dreamer merged with their Animus and possess the power to use the Animus form that has the ability to absolutely lock and unlock any creation or ability in a rule created by  the dreamer to bind it. 

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