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She with Marvel, Oohanibi Ophelia and 2-D are on an journey to save the world from Lord Bolder.
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She is funny and always happy.


She is fun loving and joyuos she is real energitic and won't be quite when told she uses fast as light moves to fight you down to the ground she is flirtous.


Psychic Shield-She is immune to mind control and if you try you'd get Psychic Feedback that takes away your powers.

Unpredictability-Her bouncey nature gives her the advantage in battle because you don't know what she is going to do next.

Haemopotent Replication-When cutting people down to size enemies blood get on her and gives her their powers.

Psionic Inundation-She can send powerful mind blast that does a lot of mental damage to said phychic.

Ecological Empathy-No matter where she is she can adapt to any ecological location.

Genetic Memory-She has all of the memories from her realitives dead and alive she can even gain memory from objects she touches and even powers.

Gliding-She can glid on air like an kite for Aerial Combat Mastery she is as good as an air fighter then anyone around.

Flammable Blood-Her blood is like fire it burns anything it touches.

Enhanced Flexibility-She can bend into impossible positions and even twist her whole head or any joint 360 degrees.

Ferrokinetic Combat-She fights with the amazing ability to control metal.

Peak Human State-She is at the top of an human's physique she can do amazing feats but she mainly uses her speed foe Enhanced Thievery.

Enhanced Combat-She has a lot of Military Training and Adoptive Muscle Memory she can assume any fighting style with Combat Perception she can even make an conter-fighting style to fight enemies.

Enhanced Condition-She is at the top of non-human physique as well as human.

Magical Enhanced Combat-She fights with magic in her step no one is safe when she fights.

Maximum Quintessential Control-She has complete control over her quintessential energy she can make powerful blast and manipulate souls.

Reversed Effect-She is an weird one when she sleeps she is tired or if she eats she is still hungry.

Infrared Vision-She can see body heat of everything even omnilocks

Kinetic Energy Manipulation-She can control kinetic energy giving Kinetic Empowerment and that gives her super speed,Enhanced Strength and Enhanced Jump making it hard to beat her.

Supernatural Survivability-She can survive things that should kill normal people like an shot to the head or being burned to death.

Supernatural Self-Preservation-She can escape from any problem with little thought about it she can even cheat death with this.


  • She is not that brave so she usually runs from strong opponents.


  • Barnett Wildcat C5-This crossbows arrows have explosive properties and detonate on contact they move fast.
  • Ithaca M37-This gun shots through walls and can break steel.
  • Humvee M1025-This hand gun shots at fast rates and reloads by itself with acidic properties.
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