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Vital Information

Real Name: Dr. Adrian Geigilherz

Aliases: None

Age: 57

Gender: Male

Alignment: Evil

Goals: To acquire power through technology and to develop advanced technology


Dr. Adrian Geigilherz was a young scientist hungry for power and recognition so he started Genecorp, a organization dedicated to helping humanity via genetic engineering, many scientists joined but soon realized that Genecorp had a much darker agenda, they would usually kidnap their test subjects and expose them to torturous experiments. When Genecorp started getting bad publicity, Geigilherz attempted to leave, however this happened on the night that a police raid happened on the Genecorp base, Geigilherz managed to escape killing and injuring a few policemen in the progress, he then went on the start Syndicate, a criminal organization based on technology rather than genetics, however much of their experiments were based on technologically synthesing metahuman and mutant abilities or replicating them in some way. He has experimented with Gigavolt, Jet, Ash and Phase.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Knowledge of Genetics
  • Knowledge of Biology
  • Knowledge of Engineering
  • Knowledge of Chemistry
  • knowledge of Physics

Weapons and Equipment

  • Multipurpose Pistol - Handgun that at the twist of a dial can serve as either reductor tech, pulse tech, force tech or neuron tech.
  • Various computers and gadgets
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