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She is very lucky and powerful.Unlike her twin sister she can't make clothing out of thin air.She was possessed by Dis at a young age making her into a shiningami.She lost all of her emotions after Dis left her body.
Twin 2


She's apathetic and could careless if she killed you.


Necromancy-She's the master of Hell-raising.She can resurrect and control the dead and living-dead.

Supernatural Beauty-She is extremely beautiful and seductive not even females can resist her beauty.

Kiss of Death-Just by kissing you she can kill you.

Death Sense-She can sense the deaths of people.

Soul absorption-Since she's a shinigami she can absorb souls from people when she does she takes their powers, life force and memory forever.

Kiss of life-She can bring back the dead with just one kiss.

Shadow Physiology-She can turn into an intangible shadow.She also can control darkness

Kamikaze-Kamikaze is the deity of wind who serves Dis and was ordered to protect Destiny From Deox and Ichi.Kamikaze is powerful and destructive he can't be stopped after unleashing his full power.

Hell-fire Manipulation-She can create hell-fire and control it well.


  • She may be apathetic but when a spider or a rat starts crawling on her she totally acts like a girl screaming and fainting.

Trivia or Request

Dis is the Roman Deity of Death.

Measurements Ht:167cm Waist:57cm Hips:67cm Bust 90cm

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