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Derek Marvin


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The Young Guardians


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Purge the world of evil.

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"Pat. Come back to the real world. It cannot happen. It will never happen. End of discussion. Understand?"

Derek Marvin was the intellectual member of the Young Guardians.

Personality and Traits

Derek Marvin was a deep-thinking intellectual who was driven by a strong sense of reason, not believing in something unless he saw physical evidence that something existed. At first, Derek was extremely skeptical of the possibility of superheroes existing, but this trait disappeared when Derek and his companions became superheroes for real. Because of his obsession with logic and reason, Derek greatly enjoyed using his extensive knowledge to assist in his team's crusade, such as when he experimented with his powers to discover other ways to fight crime. Derek also enjoys spending time with his fellow Young Guardian, Gregory Kennedy, and the two of them often engage in scientific activities together.

Powers and Abilities

Earth Manipulation: After being exposed to the Genesis Spell, Derek proved to be able to control various forms of earth ranging from rock, crystal, lava, and so forth. Derek could use earth as improvised projectiles or reshape it into whatever shape he chose, usually in the form of a suit of armor.

Geological Transmutation: By experimenting with the potential applications his powers possessed, Derek was able to transform a form of earth into whatever element he chose. For example, he could transmutate coal into a form of crystal that was stronger than diamonds.

Superhuman Durability: Derek's body became as sturdy and resilient as the earth itself, allowing him to withstand tremendous amounts of physical damage. His resilience was so strong that he could withstand a barrage of bullets, exploding grenades, and even take a savage attack from the powerful cyborg Cyber Shadow while sustaining only a mild headache.

Taiven Form

File:Derek Marvin Taiven.jpg

During the final battle against Fanoxean, Derek attained the state of ascendance known as Taiven. In this form, all of Derek's powers are extremely augmented to the point in which he could fight a being as powerful as Fanoxean even though he was assisted by his fellow Young Guardians. His increased abilities include:

Magma Manipulation: In his Taiven form, Derek's control over the various forms of earth becomes so great that he could create a controlled volcanic eruption and stop it just as quickly without repercussions.

Golem Creation: In order combat colossal opponents, Derek could create ten story-high golems made of yellow crystal.


File:Derek's Visor.jpg
: Derek's visor allows him to use a wide variety of vision modes, including telescopic, microscopic, and night vision. With this visor, Derek could locate the slightest piece of evidence to solve a case.

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