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Lecter's infamous mage buster, this ability projects magical spears of demon essence that explode in contact annihilating the physicality of any matter along with the magical potential of an area.


Capable of reducing matter to absolutely nothing by destroying its 'Physical Binders' that keep it here in the physical plane, sending it to a higher plane of existence. This also eliminates the possibility of magical retaliation by destroying the 'Magical Potential' of a target area.


  • Removes the physical tethers that anchors an object to the physical realm sending it to the astral plane and negating all of the said target's ability to interact with anything in the physical realm.
  • Destroys the Magic Potential of an area making the place dead to magic energy and spells. While inside this area enchanted items and magical spells are made unusable.
  • This ability unhallows the area it was used on making it corrupt the morality of anyone, mortal or divine, harming them as an effect. This also makes the area immune to holy based powers and is able to negate them entirely.

Known User(s)


  • Foremerly named Beelzebomb after the demon Beelzebub.
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