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She is an bullly that hunts at night.
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This is De'anglea in her human form


No one knows


Energetic Plane Manipulation-She can infuse this into her weapons and can even make wings out of this and control armour made out of this.This can also be used to destroy the boundaries between an object's atoms.

Lunar Affinity-When in the moon light she gains super speed and enhanced strengh even enhanced jump.

Lunar Manipulation-She controls the moon and can shoot beams of moon light out of her hands.

Enhanced Scythemanship-She is an master reaper no one can cut people in two with ease.

Thread Manipulation-She can make the threads on her clothing to attack you and cut metal.

Corvid Physiology-She can turn into multiple crows to scatter far and wide to find more ways to hunt and can cause death.

Invulnerability-She is immune to any physical attack and mental but not magical.

Supernatural Condition-She is an superhuman meaning she can do an lot of things.

Psychic Element Manipulation-She can make and control elements with her mind.

Logic Manipulation-She can control logic with ease she is an professor at the Training camp.She is everywhere at once and she can turn the world upside-down or make bombs explosions do less damage then normal.

Omnilock-She exist out side of everything so she is hard to track down because of having no scent.

Hypnotic Vision-Don't look at her eyes or you'll be under her spell binding mind control.

Ninjutsu-She may be an reaper but she is also an assasin she can use various ninja skills.

Water Manipulation-She can control water in all of it's forms even to the point of control over other liquids.She can even make the into an platform to walk on.

Endgame Technique:Melody Theme-This move is dangerous if you even hear it your doomed it shuts down all bodily functions and then makes you explode but it's an 1:1,000,000,000,000,000 chance that'll happen but the normal effect is it dulls the sensory system so she can kill you quickly.


The day time can weaken her until she can bearly walk

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