Cynthia Andrews


Cynthia Andrews


17 (The Great Darkness)






White Triumvirate

The Young Guardians (Unofficially)




Serve as the Young Guardians' bodyguard.

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Cynthia Andrews is an agent of the White Triumvirate who was assigned to be one of the Young Guardians' bodyguards along with Triple Ace. She is now an unofficial member of the Young Guardians.

Personality and Traits

Cynthia Andrews suffers from split-personality disorder. As a result, she possesses two distinct personalities and can switch personalities at any given time. One is perpetually cheerful, happy, and optimistic while the other is negative, depressed, and agitated. Her positive personality speaks in a girly voice, never reacts to pain, and often gives everyone, friend or enemy, nicknames. A few examples of these nicknames include when she calls Patrick Donovan "Patty" and the entity Fanoxean "Mr. Lizard". Her negative personality openly acknowledged she is insane and often threatens her comrades to prove her point. She even uses her dark-based powers to cauterize her comrades wounds and does not pay much attention to the fact that this method causes them agonizing pain.

Powers and Abilities

Flight: Cynthia possesses wings that allow her to fly.

Pain Suppression: For unknown reasons, Cynthia possesses a complete tolerance to physical pain, evidenced when she was impaled by Fanoxean's tail and did not react to or even notice the pain.

Apart from her ability to fly, each of Cynthia's personalities have their own set of powers:

Positive Personality:

Light Manipulation: Cynthia's positive personality can manipulate all forms of light for a variety of different uses, such as lasers or invisibility.

Negative Personality:

Darkness Manipulation: Cynthia's negative personality has the capability to control darkness and shadows for various purposes, such as making dark constructs or teleportation.

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