Chief Creed




He and was borned alongside his younger brother Lync was raised in a mediorce village. He was always better than his brother and other members of the village in everything. After his father the Chief died, he was appointed the new chief of the village. He then created a military structure for all creatures to follow. He then became the Chief of the Cree Nation and later the husband of Mother Nature. After marrying Mother Nature he had equal ruling status given to him by his wife. When Mother Nature was tricked into waging war against Sentry and all sentinels, he was the one who took over and led the war.


  • Griffin Physiology: He had the traits of a griffin like the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

Powers he gained from Mother Nature

  • Nature Manipulation: Like his wife he can manipulate all aspects of nature but not as much.
  • Nature Unity: He can communicate with all of nature and it's occupants.
  • Creation: He can create as much creatures he possibly can.
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