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Vital Information

Real Name: Dr. Astrid Wilder

Aliases: The Mistress of Morphology, The Gene Genie

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Alignment: Evil

Race: Mutant

Goals: To prove herself to be as good as male scientists and to gain power

Character Biography

Dr. Astrid Wilder was a brilliant genetic scientist who despite her amazing discoveries was not noticed, she was tired of being constantly undermined by her male colleagues. She finally snapped when she made a ground-shaking breakthrough and her fellow scientists took all the credit, she used her knowledge of genetic engineering to mutate herself and become Chromosome, the Mistress of Morphology.


Chromosome is cold, calculating, manipulative, seductive and unforgiving

Powers and Abilities

  • DNA Absorption - Chromosome can absorb all of the genetic data from a being and store it in her 'files', she has trouble replicating aliens
    • Power Absorption - Chromosome will inherit all the powers of her victim when she acesses their genetics
    • Shapeshifting - Chromosome will absoluteley inherit the appearance of her victim when she accesses their genetics
    • Death Inducement - Anyone Chromosome absorbs will become a faceless, featureless corpse
    • Power Bestowal - Chromosome can transfer her absorbed DNA into other beings to serve as her minions, she can also bring faceless corpses back to life with a new appearance, mindset and powerset gained from a previous victim
  • Knowledge of Genetics


  • If Chromosome absorbs too much DNA she will lose previous DNA and her victim will be revived with appearance and powers intact
  • Chromosome also absorbs the weaknesses of her victims
  • Chromosome may inherit some of her victim's peronality but only if it is influenced by biological factors eg. hormones
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