An battlefield in the Heromainia omniverse where a lot of the Hero Vs.hero matchs take place at but also served as an major battle that was the start of the Rebellion.Neji Fudo, Çeaser Walls, Alder, Theresa Enji, Deox, Avery Vulcan, Jace Van Alcard and Matsuri Ijuinwere the Generals who were serving that war.

Why it happened

After Deox had killed all of Chimeraia's princesses and they're king Chimeraia went into attack mode destroying Tal'endow, Bor'ag and Jore'an territory but when Deox reported it he said it was a civil war but it was soon discovered that he was lying but the I.I.A allowed him to lead an small army into battle.

When it ended

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