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She is an psychotic, sadistic, masochistic and utterly bipolar.She loves to chain up females and beat them into an near death state.She is also albino.Measurements unknown.


She is a psycho who likes to beat females and murder them.She was responsible for the Danver High massacre.


Seductive Body-Although her measurements are unknown her body is extremely endowed in her chest area.Avery Vulcan finds her interesting to look at.

Insanity inducement-If she looks at you your going insane already.This can kill you if your weak-minded.

Pain impowerment-She love to inflect pain and to take pain[she releases an seductive moan when hit].

Chain manipulation-She uses the otherworldly faustchain[which is extremely hot] to holddown and torture females.

Clarissa-Clarissa is an powerful Årmè that allows the user to imprint in people's minds.

Clairvoyance-She can see the future for any amount of time.She uses this to her advantage in battle.

Body part transmutation-She can turn her body parts into different weapons of all sorts.

Snow Camouflage-Her albino skin allows her to blend in easily with the snow.

Supernatural Intelligence-She is extremely intelligent but is way to insane to use a lot because the visions she has makes her paranoid.


No known at the time.


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