Physical apperance

Chibusa is the a super genius but she is very lazy.With her 5ft'6in. height and yellow eyes she is called the Yellow Demon by her peers and she is well endowed and has no problem showing off her assets. She wears a yellow jacket with a sleeveless shirt under it with a yellow skirt.


She is smart but lazy she doesn't talk much and only time she talks is when Ryan says something perverted or if she has something really important to say.


Psionic Inundation-She can cause massive mirgraine and erase powers with this power.

Telepathy-She can read minds and do various other things with her telepathy.

  • Telempathy-She can read and teleport areas with powerful emotions in them.
  • Neurocognitive Deficit-She can shut down the higher brain functions in humans even cause amnesia with this power.
  • Clairvoyance-She can see objects in her mind even if their far away.
  • Psionic Shield-She is immune to pyschic mental abilities and can make others immune as well.


  • Golden Fist- A kenpo glove with the power to increase the attack power of the wear ten fold.


  • She is very lazy and will not do much unless she is told to.
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