Charm is one of the first villains Odd Sorts face upon forming as a superhero team. The cruel, egocentric and often vindictive ex-girlfriend of Odd Sorts founding team member Maggie the Serpent, Julianne Norvin had a nasty habit growing up of using her psychic powers to manipulate and control those around her, treating them like puppets for her own amusement factors. As she became more and more ambitious and confident in these abilities, she went from spoilt, manipulative brat to someone showing dangerous signs of psychopathy...


Julianne was the product of a longstanding, fairly tempestuous relationship; conducted by Hester Chase & Andrew Kauffman. At the time of her birth - February 2nd, 1995 - Andrew already had two sons, Thomas, from a one-night stand with another woman (Nikita Foley) and Dominic, from his 'other girlfriend', Freya Cambridge; a fact that had furthered tensions between him and Hester, as Andrew had a habit of flitting between the two women.

The relationship between her parents broke down when Julianne was only five months old, with Andrew moving to Bradford to be nearer his oldest child, and Hester going to Manchester, moving back in with her mother.


Julianne is renowned for being self-centered, remorseless, conniving, manipulative and self-serving. However, her most notable trait is her obsession with control. From a young age, and even before her great capacity to influence others', she had an uncanny ability to get what she wanted; be it by lying, guilt-tripping or just presenting herself as helpless and morose. As long as it got her what she wanted, Julianne was willing to instill it.

Even prior to her diagnosis at the age of eighteen, Julianne showed signs of being a malignant narcissist; having a ruthlessness where obtaining her own desires was concerned, and being willing to engage in antisocial, aggressive and sadistic behaviors as long as her goals were achieved to a degree she personally deemed acceptable. She views practically everyone around her as being 'beneath' her to some degree, dehumanizing them mentally, and having a dire willingness to undermine and/or attack anyone she views as an obstacle to her end goal to varying degrees. In spite of her successes though, her ego remains fragile. When slighted or offended,

For Julianne, power is an addiction. She craves it constantly and is willing to exploit, lie and scheme in order to obtain it; with other people merely being tools in her mind, each serving a purpose for her own gains. When confronted with the darkness of her character, she remains astoundingly indifferent, and has little caring for the opinions of others (at least in this regard).


  • Telepathy
  • Mind Control
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