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Out of the tsunami sisters Charity is the one who can generate clothing.Destiny Tsunami is her twin sister.Reiko Bravo trained her in the mystic arts of magic healing.
The twins and the pet by 13maxx-d4ue92l


She's peppy and always smiling which her twin hates.


Psychic healing-She uses her mastered psychic powers to heal people.

Medical intuition-She knows all you need to know about healing ayt type of wound

Tsubaki-Is her soul-bound weapon that take the shape of scalpel.

Chi scalpel-The chi scalpel can do surgery on the inside of a body this can also be used to cut internal organs.

Clothing Generation-She can generate clothing that can give her various powers.

Healing kiss-Her kiss can heal your wounds.

Healing Blood-She usually only gives her blood to Avery and Xena because they need it most.

Health Optimization-She can fix any impurities in anything.


Reiko Bravo-He trained Charity in the way of medical ninja.

Destiny Tsunami-Her downer of a twin sister.


  • She's to caring so she heals the enemy too.
  • She can't really fight strong enemies.
  • She usually runs low on blood so she eats a lot of sweets to help her body make more blood.

Trivia or Request

  • She calls Avery an Vampire because 'SHE' always gives him her blood that heals him.
  • She originally had a crush on Avery but that changed when he and Xena started training alone.
  • She was originally planned to be deceased but that changed during the Creation of Morrgian.
  • She may know Avery is a True Immortal but she insist he at least drank her blood to stay healthy.
  • Measurments Ht:145cm Waist:76 Hips:56 Bust:100
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