Agent Sands


Calvin Sands


The Man from Yesterday's Tomorrow


Appearance: 19 True Age: 642




Necessary, but good mostly.


Parallel Evacuation Management and Dimensional Security Application (P.E.M.D.A.S.)


Body: Post-Human True Form: Data, downloaded into a body.


Save as many lives as he can from dying worlds.

IndigoArms 02:30, May 10, 2012 (UTC)

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Born on an earth like ours only the technology looked like it came from a 50s sci-fi movie, Calvin lived a somewhat normal life until one day the skies were filled with portals. Thousands of massive ships came out and spoke to the world, telling of a gammar ray pulse that would hit earth in a week. Millions were evacuated, but millions more refused to believe and fought others for a spot at survival. Calvin lost his parents not to the pulse, but to the desprate masses, he was eleven. Shortly after abandoning his world he was adopted by a mixed species family, which he accecpted as his true family over time. At 17, Calvin enlisted into PEMDAS in order to save lives and have them start anew in a bigger picture.

After graduation and over 80 evacs, Calvin was offered to join Fade Ops, the people who secretly uplift worlds in order form them to help PEMDAS. Calvin accecpted, but shortly after he became involved in an incident that resulted in the destruciton of ten alternate timelines by merging into one.

Currently he has been given another chance, but he must find an multiversal acution that bids superpowers and shut it down, before it attracts the attention of something old and very angry.


Calvin is general a nice guy, able to give respect to others and help people with their problems. He often speaks of concepts that often make people look at him wierd, but he just as experiance in all manner of fields. Unfortunatly he has some what of a sadistic streak towards manipulative people.


Transmitted Elemental Blasts: Due to his agumentations, Calvin is able to generate elemental forces, transmit them through a surface, and have them erupt beneath a target.


Has a allergic reaction to obsidion, and is considered a hazardous indiviual in the major mutiversal circles.


Gash Wand: A short rod that functions as a bridgeing device between universes, by folding space and time.


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