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He has dark-skin and black hair and he wears an awesome jacket what's not cool about The Rebellion's lieutenant general? Nègron Fudo and The Black Dragon Queen's only son. He was adopted into the Alburn clan. He has an monster sealed inside him called Kama.Kama is a very evil arme maudite and can cause destruction with swipe of his sword.



  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation-He can clap his hands together and make a sonic boom or even mimic super speed.He can even take kinetic movement from atoms and molecules to make ice or fire and control it like an master.He can absorb kinetic energy and potential energy and make it metabolic energy.
  • Electricity manipulation-He can unleash an electrifing wave of electric.His electric is powerful but hard to control.
  • Yokai Seal Release-He can unleash Enoki the Deity of Nature.Enoki's prickly body makes him hard to attack with your bare hands and Enoki's spikes are homing missiles that exploded in a fire bombardment.Enoki is powerful but he can only form when Calix is in danger.
  • Tachibana-An soul-bound weapon in the shape of a sword that can cut through the super dense bones of the Tal'endow Stone dragon.
  • Flash Step-He can move faster than the blink of an eye.
  • Power Nullification-He can nullify an opponents powers for a sort amount of time and can project an nullification field around a five mile radius.
  • Oolong-Calix's mom's favorite soul-bound weapon that looks like a black Dragon necklace that turns into a huge black dragon.Oolong is powerful but doesn't like Calix.He only comes out when Calix is in danger.
  • Gamma-Gamma is His dad's favorite puppet.Gamma can control radiation and can burn a human badly.He could cause radiation poison to Calix if he's used to much.
  • Molecular distortion-He can distort molecules breaking them down or reconstructing them.
  • Weak force manipulation-He can control radiation and how much radiation is in an area and the ozone.
  • Strong Force manipulation-He can take apart an atoms bound and rearrange them to make different periodic table elements at will.


  • His dad's silver sword
  • His mom's gold shield


  • The Rebellion-He's the lieutenant general of the Barrage Cell.
  • Saki Natsuki-He and Texas Law saved her from Susano'O's wrath.
  • Nikki Alburn-Calix reprogrammed an Mecha Cast Kampher model to act like and look like an human girl.She acts as a bodyguard for Calix.
  • Andrè Alburn-Calix and Andrè are as close as two step children can get.


  • He can under estimate his opponent
  • He won't fight a girl

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