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Vital Information

Real Name: Emily Wright

Aliases: Spirit of Britain

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Human

Britannia (1)

Character Bio

Emily Wright grew up in South Cadbury, Somerset, she was walking home one day when she became drawn to woods, she passed the woods every day but today she felt as if they were calling to her, so she went. She walked through the woods until she came across a lake and that was when she saw a glistening light rising from it. The Lady of the Lake rose up and revealed her legacy to her. Emily was a quarter English, a quarter Scottish, a quarter Welsh and a quarter Irish, she as also the seventh child of the seventh child, she could be the Spirit of Britain. The Lady asked her if she was willing to accept her potential fate, she said yes and was sent into a bubble universe, many of her specific nationality and birth status had tried the trial before and failed. Emily had to fight a dragon guarding an island, on the island was a stone with a sword stuck in it. She defeated the dragon with nothing but a sword, shield, cunning, courageousness and consistency. A path appeared to the island, Britannia pulled the sword from the stone and teleported back to the real world, the Lady of the Lake revealed that the sword was Excalibur, she also gave her Aegis, the Helmet of Invisibility and the Winged Sandals so that she could become the Spirit of Britain!


Hesitant of her position but eventually patriotic, morally good ad just

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength (Can lift approx. 12 tons above her head)
  • Enhanced Speed (Can run approx 35 mph)
  • Enhanced Stamina (Can keep up her top speed for 1.5 hours)
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Faith Empowerment (Her powers are improved by the faith of Britian)
  • Empathic Equipment - Only the Spirit of Britain or someone of equal worthiness can wield her equipment

Weapons and Equipment

  • Excalibur - Can cut through anything (Including medium-strength force fields)
  • Aegis - Can block anything
  • Helmet of Invisibility - Can turn the user invisible
  • Gauntlets - Can deflect anything
  • Winged Sandals - Allows her to fly


  • She can still be harmed by conventional means, just not as badly as normal people
  • If Britain has lost faith in itself, she loses all her power


  • Salvation Squad
  • Squadron Salvation
  • New Metas
  • Columbia (Spirit of America)
  • Mother Russia (Spirit of Russia)
  • Spirit of England
  • Spirit of Scotland
  • Spirit of Wales
  • Spirit of Ireland
  • Beefeater
  • Great Scot
  • Welsh Dragon
  • Leprechaun


  • Germainia (Spirit of Germany)
  • Omikami (Spirit of Japan)
  • Italia Turrita (Spirit of Italy)
  • Some enemies of the Salvation Squad
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