HNI 0100 JPG

When she was younger she had silver hair like snow and snow-blue eyes. N.O.S and Kyōkai Rakushōteased her about being ugly but that changed when she got older.

HNI 0001 MPO

this is her true form beautiful in all ways except for her strict personality.


She is the Brigadier General of the I.I.A's Imperial Palace Guards...she is strict and powerful and beauiful on top of that the ultimate tease for men. She usually seen with the Imperator and the Invictus.


Yuki-Onna Physiology-

Power Replication-

Weapon Manipulation-

Double Hit Kill-

Enhanced Accuracy-

Enhanced Charisma-

Hinoenma Physiology-

Enhanced Reflexes-

Military Training-

One-Man Army-

Combat Perception-

Peak Condition-

Blood Pressure Manipulation-


Writing Manifestation-

Twilight Manipulation-

Special Attacks-

Nuclear Manipulation-



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