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Vital Information

Real Name: Alexandra Smith

Aliases: Alex

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goals: To escape Genecorp and to  protect innocents

Character Biography

Alexandra Smith's metahuman powers manifested at a young age and she was kidnapped by Genecorp, she grew up with them and they tried to use her as a weapon and replicate her abilities, she escaped with her friends Andy and Frankie but they went there seperate ways with Alex eventually joining the Vindicators.

Powers and Abilities

  • Air Manipulation
    • Wind Projection
    • Gliding
    • Enhanced Jump
    • Air Aura
    • Aerokinetic Combustion - Breezefall can channel air into the gaps in objects then expand it outwards causing it to explode
    • Vacuum Generation - Breezefall can make a vacuum to either suck objects in, suffocate opponents or stick to surfaces like walls and ceilings
    • Air Solidification
      • Hard Air Balls
      • Aerokinetic Constructs - Breezefall has been shown to make constructs of solid-like matte white air that if released straight away and not allowed to dissipate slowly will violently explode, she has also been shown to make pure, black tiny orbs of hyper-solidified, indestructible air that explode with the force of a MOAB
      • Smoke Creation - Breezefall can condense the air around her to become cloudy, it is also more dense and harder to move through
      • Aerokinetic Exoskeleton
      • Aerokinetic Walls
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