Vital Information

Real Name: Samuel

Aliases: Daywalker

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Alignment: Evil

Race: Human

Goal: To prove himself to the vampiric community

Character Biography

One night, an unnamed vampire woman found an abbadoned baby under a boardwalk, she took the baby back to her vampire community and raised him in secret, she named him Samuel. Samuel began showing signs of genius as he grew up, at 14 he created a chemical formula that when drunken by vampires makes them immune to the effects of sunlight for a time. When a vampire hunter killed Samuel's 'mother', he stayed in her room for many days but started to go hungry. He left the room but as soon as the vampires found out about his existence they tried to kill him, Samuel managed to talk them out of it by telling them about his inventions. The vampires didn't kill him but they certainly didn't accept him, they did the opposite and instead discriminated against him and treated him like a second class citizen. Samuel couldn't take it any more and since the vampires wouldn't convert him he used his genius to become an analogue of them, using various technology and chemical formulas he became Bloodstorm, the Ultimate Vampire!

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Enhanced Condition - Due to Vampire Formula
  • Gliding - Due to hollow skeleton
  • Knowledge of Biology
  • Knowledge of Chemistry
  • Knowledge of Physics
  • Knowledge of Engineering

Weapons and Equipment

  • Vampire Formula - Formula creaed by Bloodstorm that gives the user chalk-white skin, an aversion to sunlight and enhanced attributes
  • Magnetism Sensitive Micro-Filaments - Microscopic titanium particles that at a neural command shift into solid titanium claws and fangs via magnetic surge
  • I.S.E.C.S (Internal Sanguinary Energy Conversion System) - Surgically grafted technological system that converts blood into energy
    • Further Enhanced Condition
    • Energy Blasts
  • V.Amp Device (Vocal Amplifcation)
    • Sonic Scream
    • Summoning (Bionic Bats)
  • Bionic Bats - Physically enhanced, hematophagous bats, when they consume blood it it converted by their own I.S.E.C.S and transmitted at low-level frequency to Bloodstorm


  • Sunlight - Bloodstorm wants to be exactly like a vampire so his formula emulates both their strengths and weaknesses, if Bloodstorm is exposes to sunlight he becomes weaker and is eventually incinerated


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