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He is nice and intelligent


Battlefield Adaption- Bloddlust is able to become stronger in a field of battle. All the energy, hatred, aggression, and experience from all the fights before strengthens him, allowing him to fight on equal or superior grounds with his opponents.

Adaptive Resurrection- Bloodlust willpower will allow him to resurcect after beign kill and adapt to what killed him after resurrection.

Samsara Manipulation- Bloodlust has limited control of the wheel or cycle of life: cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth and the effects time has on living beings. Making the old young and young old, healing others, and killing others.

Shard Manipulation- Bloodlust can create slivers of matter or energy and manipulate them.

Nanite Manipulation- The user is capable of channeling energy through different parts of their bodies in order to enhance the strength of their physical attacks.

Acidic Blood- Bloodlust has blood with acidic properties.

Energy Strike-

Hive Mind-

Phobia-Initiated Ability Manifestation- Bloodlust has the ability to gain an ability that is related to a target's worst fear.

Nothingness Manipulation- Control and manipulate nothingness itself to one's every whim and desire at wil. He is able to make his ultimate weakness, White ash wood, disapear.

Miming- Bloodlust can make miming gestures to directly affect reality.


He doesn't want to fight but he will go feral if he has to defend himself.

White ash wood can kill

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