Sooooooooooooooo Cool!!!

–When Saya is in control.

This seven-teen year old hunter is a experiment gone wrong and the I.I.A. wants it hushed quickly.

Physical Appearance

She is rather tall for her age and mature you really can't tell her real age even if you tried. With her purple and silver hair and her gold and pink eye she is a sight to behold she is well endowed for her age as well. Huge boncing boobs and two minds in one body this is one failed experiment to recreate Kyousake Jujujin. She wears a revealing I.I.A. Military School uniform of a senior.

Personality Saya

She is childish and very kind...she is usually the pervert of the two minds.

Powers Saya

Counter-She can reverse any attack she wants and cause serious damage when doing so.

Clothing Generation-She can make various clothing that grants various powers.

Cloth Manipulation-She can control clothing with her mind.

Youth Inducement-She can make people young with her mind and while she fights.

Heat Generation-She can make fire and control extreme heat with her mind.

Blazing Forest-

Personality Aname

He is serious and bossy and doesn't like to be kept waiting.

Powers Aname

Pyrotechnic Projection-

Fireball Projection-

Psychic Flame Manipulation-

One-Man Army-

Explosive Sky-


  • Water
  • They have to switch out to keep up their energy.


  • Burēdomāku-This mark on her arm creates a blade when in battle.
  • Furasshubanmāku-This mark on her chest right in between her breast creates a flash bang allwoing her to escape from almost anything.


  • Saya's personality is similar to Bullet from the BlazBlue world and so are most of her powers.
  • Aname's personality is mostly based off of Azrael from the BlazBlue world.
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