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This may look like Mars but it's not

He goes boooooooooooooooooooom boom a lot.


He talks in the third person.


Destruction-He can cause mass destruction on an planetary scale evn destroying whole solar systems.

Giant Monster Physiology-His normal form is that of an giant well roman gladiator whole can break your neck just by blowing in your diriction.

Incineration-He can burn anything to the ground just by touching it so he beeter learn hoe to use this power wisely or he might die.

Omnicompetence-He knows how to handle any problem with ease be it an war or an disagrement.He can even make people become friendly towards each other.

Life Mastery-He can make any life form he can think of even an Black Ore Dragon.

Mobile Invulnerability-When charging into battle he is immune against any weapon that dares try to hurt him he even can use that kinetic energy to create the perfect barrier around him that absorbs all forms of energy and becomes strong from the absorbed energy.

Titan Physiology-He mimics the Devic:Ancile form which gives him differnt powers but no one has ever seen this form.

Leviathan Physiology-He can turn into an collssoal sea beast so big it can swallow up whole cities in one gulp he has the power to control the sea even shot water so cold out it freezes whoever it touches.

Four Horsemen Physiology-He also mimics War this is his third form unlike his Devic:Ancile he can't cause people to create wars over nothing so in this form he controls Faust Flame and the Grand Flame some how.

Self-Detonation-He can make himself blow up but on a small village scale but he can take out whole armys this way.

Atmokinetic Combat-

War Manipulation-He can control the path of war to an scale to cause total war and make the whole planet battle until the last man jsut ask Gonzo Bravo what happened last time he did this.

Urban Adaptation-He can adapt into the city secne with ease even gaining info about the Head-up Displays in the area and gain temperary powers.

Military Training-He is an master of all arts and anything military based he can even take down cerberus if he wanted.

Digustive Assimilation-He can eat you up and take your powers and all of your life-force the only down side is he can't blow up when he sucks.


He can't blow when he sucks.


This is Genzoman's Ares picture

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