Kris Stunn-walking-away

An average day in Metro-City and Kris has just entered this world on an new lets have some fun.Beta Masked Man cross Kris Stunn has begun.

[Beta Man(Truth)]: It's been way too long Cat this time I will beat you...[Narroration(Truth)] Beta Man has went out on an search to find Kris and end this once and for all he ran down every street every corner of the City looking for the Black cat but can't seem to find it any where......

[Beta Man(Truth)]:Now where would I hide if I were an cat? On the wait by the fish market!!!

[Narration(Truth)] He ran all the down to the fish market to find the cat but when he got there all there was a a group of bandits attacking an girl.

[Beta Man(Truth)]: And what do we have here a buntch of barbarians who like beating on girls? Weak if you want an real match then fight me.

[Bandit #1(Truth)]:Your so dead you masked freak!!

[Truth]Beta Man side stepped to dodge the bandit's knife he then used his sword to cut the bandit in two...a faint clap came from behind the other bandits it was the leader.

[Bandit leader(Truth)]:Your powerful so we'll let this one go just this once but next time you won't be so lucky.Let bounce Silver Backs!!!

[(Narration)Truth]:The bandits left but Beta was stiill on edge from the fight and he still wanted to find the Cat Kris.

[Haruno Akatsuki(Truth)]:Gen'yū was wrong about you Beta you are good.

[Beta Man(Truth)]:What ever just go before I kill you too.

[(Narration)Truth]:Haruno Akatsuki ran off into the distance leaving Beta all alone with the setting sun.

[Kat(Truth)]:So you really are good I wouldn't have known that by how you act so what are you doing here?

[Truth]:Beta stumbled into one of the over seers named Kat what does she want with him?

[Kat(Truth)]:I'll take you to him if you want me to?

[Beta(Truth)]:What how did you know? Aghh whatever I guess you can take me to him.

[Kat(Beta)]:Okay follow me.

[Truth]:The duo went into an portal that toke them into a place that looked exactly like the docks they were just at but there was an cat with them.


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