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Unlike Masked Man he is evil and crule.


Empathic Weaponry-He has an living weapon called Makoto this sword has an short range but sub-powers that make up for that.

  • Spatial Tuning-He can create an spatial field around an 10kilometer wide area in which he can control freely.
  • Pheromone Manipulation-He can create various pheromones with his sword that has various properties and effects.

Sui Generis Manipulation-He can make an energy wave that is so powerful an omnipotent can be killed with it but it only last for 10seconds.

Size Manipulation-He can grow or shrink to any size he wants.

Self-Detonation-He can blow up then reform and suck-up all of the remains then spit them out as projectiles.

Grand Flame-He can grant you the flame of life and make you semi-immortal or ressurect you.

Maximum Quintessential Control-He can use a lot of his life-force to do many things with it.

  • Summoning-He can summon huge creatures with this and this how he kills Atsui.

Strong Soul-His clan the Akatsuki Clan has powerful wills and souls.

  • Soul Resonation-He can bound with anyone's soul to make himself more powerful.

Biological Manipulation-He has many sub-powers he can use but doesn't.

Blindsight-He can see in the dark.

Camouflage-He can blend in with anything.

Reflection Manipulation-He likes his mirrors and uses them to fight with he can exist in multiple places at once with this.

Aura Implanting-He can take your power via aura.


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