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Vital Information

Real Name: Aridity Dimarzio

Aliases: None

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Goals: To prevent innocent youngsters and to bring down Genecorp

Character Biography

Aridity Dimarzio was born in a wealthy family, one day on a school trip she got fatally injured, Genecorp claimed that he could help her and they pumped her body full of nanites. As usual, Genecorp took this opportunity to control the victim and make them a weapon however Aridity's fun-loving personality made this difficult and with she decided to escape with her amazing nanite-fueled powers and join the team Gene Retribution.


Fun-loving, slightly annoying, very bouncy and friendly

Powers and Abilities

  • Nanites
    • Enhanced Condition - Banshee's nanites enhance her physical capabilities
    • Enhanced Regeneration - Banshee's nanites can repair her body at a rapid rate
    • Hair Manipulation - Banshee's nanites exist in her hair and she has absolute mastery over it, this includes growing it, shaping it into constructs like blades, tendrils and wings, firing each individual hair as energized javelins and even picing locks with it.
    • Energy Blasts - Banshee can discharge a red electrcity-like concussive force from her hair, she usually wraps her hair around her hand in order to form a manual blaster or tangles up her enemies and shocking them tactilely
    • Sonic Scream - Banshee's nanites can bond with her vocal cords, enhancing them to produce poweerful sonic waves
    • Hypnotism - Banshee can mesmerize her targets by discharging her energy at a certain frequency and performing hypnotic entrances with her hair
    • Invisibility - Banshee's nanites can emerge to the surface of her skin and deflect all light around her
    • Microscopic Vision - Banshee's nanites can enhance her vision to the point that she can peer into molecules


  • Banshee can he harmed by her own energy blasts
  • Banshee's nanites could be disrupted via EMP
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