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Alien Lord Azizas


Project A


Scorge, tyrant and








Kar'sh Dynasty


Alien (hybrid), Android


To kill all that stand in his way


He was created by Professor Iroko that wanted to created the perfect alien by mixing DNA of all the different types of alien and mechanical implants. He then revolted against his creator and began his conquest for the galaxy. He then gained an allied with the grandmaster of League of Assassins together killed his creator master the former alien lord, wife and their kind to gained throne. He gave the son of the former alien lord to the grandmaster where he raised him to become an infamous assassin. He became the most hated leader since he used tyranny and treachy to become the new Alien Lord. After learning the Tuaraka's son, Chur learned the truth he was hunted by him so he sent Tigershark after him. Later he was shocked that Professor Iroko was still alive, so he went into the Earth's galaxy and was severely attacked by his clone, A-2. He and his clone are now fightning for the future of the Kar'sh Dynasty.


He is a green skinned, tentacled and mechanical alien. He has a mask over his face to suppressed his hunger and powers. He wears a purple robe and bandaged legwear to conceal his true form.


He is a person that will do anything get to the top even if it killed his own father/creator.


  • Universal Manipulation: He could manipulate the entire universe at his will.
  • Cosmic Entity Physiology: He had the form of an Cosmic Entity.
    • Alien Physiology: He could morph into any alien he chooses.
    • Bionic Physiology: He can take the form of any mechanical aliens as well.
  • Infinite Digestive System: He can digest anything including matter, energy or even souls.
  • Tentacle Extension: He could generate tentacles from his body and control them.
    • Prehensile Tail: This was advance level of his power to create a mechanical tail.


  • Master Analysis: He can analyize a person and copied their abilities, powers or technigues instantly.
  • Master Tactacian: He could develop tactics that seems impossible but when used are deemed unstoppable.
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