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Vital Information

Real Name: Stella Akamatsu

Aliases: None

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Mutant

Goal: To get away from the Reiko Clan and to protect innocents

Character Biography

Stella Akamatsu was the half English, half Japanese step-child of Dr. Hiro Watashi, he had been experimenting with tech powered by special stars milions of miles from Earth, the Reiko Clan raided his lab and home attempting to destroy his technology, but it was only damaged and started to malfunction. She was bombarded with stellar energy and given star powers, the Reiko Clan saw Stella as the last remains of the technology and hunted her across Japan, she was taken in by a martial arts master and he trained her, but the Clan found her and killed the master. She managed to escape Japan and came to England, she then joined the team the Vindicators.


Dark, negative, sometimes angry

Powers and Abilities

  • Stellar Manipulation
    • Star Shurikens
    • Star Swords
    • Stellar Affinity - Aurora has to recharge her powers by stargazing
    • Stardust Generation
    • Spatial Cognition - Aurora knows exactly where she is via constellations
    • Temporal Cognition - Aurora knows exactly what the time is via constellations
  • Peak Physical Condition
  • Acrobatic Ability
  • Gymnastic Ability
  • Knowledge of Martial Arts


  • Lack of Stellar Power - If Aurora is kept in an area where the sky is not visible she will lose power
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