This article, Aspatial Existence, is property of Doomweaver13.

An existential state of being independent from the boundless three dimensional fabric of the universe commonly refered to as space.

This allows an object or being to:

  • Become unaffected by distance.
  • Be able to become present in different locations simultaneously.
  • Enables one to affect entities that reside outside the spatial domain.
  • Immitate the existential aspects of a Hammerspace.
  • Resist spatial alterations:
    • Remain physically unharmed even if space collapses or is destroyed.
    • Immunity against spatial slicing.
  • To be able to totally exit space and become spaceless but still retain physicality.


  • This does not bestow the ability to control space.
  • This is not an ability but rather a possible consequence from using a spatial based abilities.

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