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Vital information

Real Name: Ashley Lindall

Aliases: None

Age: 17

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Goals: To help homeless kids and generally survive

Character Biography

Ashley Lindall was a friend of Carrie Jackson's when she lived on the streets, she developed metahuman abilities when she was 14 and was kidnapped by Dr. Adrian Geigilherz who prematurely accelerated them attempting to use her as weapon, he managed to manipulate her into stealing and commiting other crimes for him using her hatred of the rich as an incentive. The Salvation Squad managed to convince her that Geigilherz was the enemy and save her, she now serves as their ally and an urban avenger. 


Wild, angry and upset when exposed to anything to do with the childhood she didn't have, unforgiving and aggresive, takes delight in using her power for destruction

Powers and Abilities

  • Napthakinesis - Ash's power is very loosley defined and can only be described as the production, emission and manipulation of a burning cocktail of chemicals, oils and napalms that ignites on exposure to oxygen, acting like a black-orange liquid fire
    • Burning/Melting
    • Explosion Inducement
    • Smoke Generation - Ash can create a cloud of ash and smoke the blinds her enemies
    • Binding - Ash can bind her opponents with tendrils of oil 
    • Oil Whips - Ash can makes appendages of oil that she uses as burning, lashing weapons
  • Teleportation - Ash can teleport short distances, most likely a secondary power accidentally given by Geigilherz when he jumpstarted her powers, although it could be some form of elemental teleportation derived from her napthakinesis
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