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mythical creature


Wont's to bring hell to earth.

Soon I will be king of hell.

–Lets go I'm ready to play.

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Armageddon is a very large mythic creature with large and Extremely serpert horns. In the traditional myths about the deities' involvement in human life this creature seemingly inherited a mortal body in order to use the spell called Mesarthim which is allowed any deities to inhabited an individual bodies.


A hugh ruthless beast that seeks only destruction


1. Demonic Magic - The user is capable of using destroying magic to achieve several feats such as creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality. This type of magic is usually used by a dark and evil entity or those related to them.

2. Demonic Physiology - User with this ability either is or can transform into a demon, an evil spirit, fallen angel or Satanic divinity. Most commonly user retains their general form but with some additions; horns, claws, fangs and tail are common, as are wings, more fit (muscular and/or larger) body and color change (red, blue or black dominate) but there are several kinds of demons who are far less humanoid, varying from strange, surreal or even absolutely horrific.

3. Demonization - Power to transform living creature into demons or demonic hybrids granting demonic abilities and/or traits.

4. Malefic Force Manipulation - The user have control over force of evil energy to their desire. The user may manipulate the force of evil energy from a dimension, object or another being.

5. Energy Resistance - The user is able to withstand various forms of energy, concussive, or heat-based attacks.

6. Alpha Physiology - The user is vastly superior to any member of their species (natural or supernatural), and evolves further to overcome any trial they may encounter, learning quickly and effortlessly what takes ages of hard work to others, and growing substantially stronger/better with each challenge.

7. Selective Invulnerability - The ability to be naturally immune or invulnerable against a specific power or object.

8. Self Resurrection - The user is able to revive themselves upon death. This makes them immune to abilities such as Death Inducement and potentially can live forever

9. Damage Memorization - The user can memorize the damage they take and render themselves immune to it. Whether the damage is from an opponent or self-inflicted, the user cannot be harmed in the same manner that was used to inflict damage upon them.

10. Reactive Adaptation - Users can either instantly develop powers or abilities to deal with threats or their bodies dynamically learn from experience. Depending on the user's control of the power or genetic structure, the reactive effects can be permanent or temporary.

After a certain situation the user's skin may become tougher, they may display increased IQ after a difficult test or fortified emotions after a personal argument. User may be able to read different languages after moments of looking them up or be able to withstand a constant bombardment of radiation. Some users may develop Enhanced Speed after being shot, or grow Dermal Armor, and may have the opposite power of their opponent.

In some instances, a magical object may express similar powers.


Only very powerful high enery attacks may are may not can kill it permanently (depends).

Higher Deities can kill it permanenly.

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