Arm are Soul-Bound Weapons that can be living or non-living the type of Arm you have is detirmind by your personality


Spirit based Arm can grant you many power like[List below]

Aura Manipulation


Soul Morph

Soul Creation

Yin & Yang Manipulation

Universal Irreversibility


This type of Arm is only used by the strong but here are the powers [Below]

Transcendent Physiology

Absolute Immortality

Cherubim Physiology

Devic Physiology

Nephilim Physiology


Weapon based Arms are used by the grand Army

Weapon Infusion

Weapon Manifestation

Vorpal Sharpness Manipulation

Blade Elongation


Human Arm are very common and you just might be one

Infected Arm

Life-Force Absorption

Weapon Manipulation


Non-human Arms are common but no one has one that we know of but here are the powers any ways

Death Sense

Reactive Adaptation


Well the name speacks for itself


This speaks for itself there are none with an omnipotent arm


Nnoritora is the only person with this because she is one


Dj Ax3l- I Like Move Move ReMiX 2009

Dj Ax3l- I Like Move Move ReMiX 2009

This is one song everyone should hear when first using this type but you can change the song once you master it even gain powers....

This is one one Marvel has it is rare but can be powerful heres an song to help you understand it more.Sound Manipulation/Voice Manipulation and Empathic Power-Shifting/Empathic Weaponry/Empathic Mimicry are yours to manipulate with and you even can get Superpower Manipulation but last but not least Musical Empathic Projection/Musical Animation/Self-Ability Bestowal!!:) Hope you like the examples of music you can start with!
Daddy dj - daddy dj

Daddy dj - daddy dj

Subjective Unity

This is also an rare one but not much is known about this one....

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