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==Vital Information==

Real Name: Madelane Williams

Aliases: Maddie, The Sensational Sprite, Ghost Girl, Pixie

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Race: Human

Character Biography

Madeleine Williams was an intern at the lab where Dr. Dominic Maynard was working at. One night she was meant to return to the lab late for extra sessions with the Doctor but when she arrived she found nothing but ruined technology. The next day she found out that Maynard was missng so she used her skills in engineering and Dimensional Science to create weapons and equipment, she also trained in martial arts and gymnastics so she could don the identity of Ariel. Ariel followed a trail of beaten up henchmen and found that they where all employed by Dr. Adrian Geigilherz, she followed the trail and eventually found Eidolon , The Ethereal Man and became his sidekick.

Powers and Abilities

  • Peak Physical Condition
  • Expert Acrobat
  • Expert Gymnast
  • Knowledge of Martial Arts
  • Knowledge of Engineering
  • Knowledge of Dimensional Study

Weapons and Equipment

  • Ariel Suit - Madeleine's suit changes dimensional state according to the situation she is in, if she is in a situation that requires speed and mobility the suit shunts a small portion of her into the Ghost Zone, whereas is she is throwing a punch or on the brunt of an impending threat the suit will call an exact replica of the suit kept in the Ghost Zone to occupy the same physical space as the suit making it twice as strong and durable
  • Ectoplasmic Cord - A device that releases a low-concentration ectoplasmic cable from the Ghost Zone that can be used as a whip or grapple
  • Bidimensional Staff - A telescopic weapon, that at the push of a button, can call an exact relica of itself, existing in the Ghost Zone, to occupy the same physical space as it to make it twice as strong and hard. It remains unidimensional when not in combat
  • Utility Belt - A belt that contains pouches that lead to pocket dimensions to store equipment
  • Subdimensional Projector - A handheld device that temporarily shunts an object into the Ghsot Zone, can be used for disarming enemies or making things weaker
  • Interdimensional Platforms - A throwing device that calls a platform from the Ghost Zone to our dimension when detonated
  • Ectoplasm Grenades - Explosives that release low-concentration ectoplasm on detonation, used to trap enemies
  • Blackout Bombs - Explosives that release dark energy from a dimension composed of it, used for blinding enemies
  • Antimatter Blade - Handheld device that forms a blade made of antimatter from a dimension composed of it, can cut through anything, mostly used for utility purposes but can be used for combat
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