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Leaf Training Camp


Jojo.Jr Zahio


The Leaf Deweller








The Crusaders


Breed. mortal / Immortal


TO extinguish Evil

Alternate Dark side.

False tiger




Spike Form


two arm battle-lion


Bone Tiger


Sapphire Tiger


History Jojo. Jr Zahio birth was given not into the distant future where androids and aliens start to appear in the distant future his ancestor  jojo Achimu gave up his life 3000 years after the Episode the butterfly effect in order to destroy Rashi but a failed attempt that was later. rashi gained a new ability that he have never seen are used the ability.. Time travel in order for rashi not to age he has to continuously to travel threw time in order to stay younger but with out being in the Immortal world he continuously to weaken after decades have past, it stated in the prophecy jojo  was the one to defeat Rashi and his alter ego The great and powerful The Leviathan. it has been shown Jojo Jr. has vasted level of Intelligence, remarkable fight skills and hand to hand combat. Has a very powerful will ,meaning telepathic and mind reading resistance.and when he enters rage mode his body turn red and pink into the Berserk mode meaing,"God mode"Jojo Jr. was the only person that was able to perfect God mode with destroying him self.


[hide] *1 Personality


Jojo Jr. is a kind hearted being and sees the light in everyone and try to make them change are "try to" One thing to remember dont push him we'll at least not to far.

Abilites Edit

  • Enhanced Intelligence - extremely heightened and enhanced intelligence and other mental abilities/skills..
  • Intuitive Aptitude - instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, and even powers without the need of long-term or special education.
  • Combat Perception -  understand how a person thinks and fights in combat..
  • Muscle Mimcry - replicate movement after observation.
  • God Fist and God hand - The power to have a hand or arm which grants the power of a deity.
  • God mode -  possess vastly limitless god-like cosmic abilities, skills, and traits.
  • Emergency preparedness- be prepared for virtually all situations, no matter how unusual. 
  • True Form - To assume one' power, item, or their own bod's true form to obtain it's true power.
  • Ability resilience -  be immune to all superpower-altering abilities. via when God mode activated.
  • Super Form - go into a higher a state of being.
  • Time Enchance power replication -  copy and augment the powers of others,..can automatically replicate and master any ability, adding it to his owns, and upgrade it to 120%..past , future , present..
  • Legendary Form - Transform into the most powerful form in the universe and become the legend
  • unpredictability - users possesses a completely unpredictability making them resisant to  Combat Perception,.Body Language Analysis , Adoptive Muscle Memory.
  • Body langauge analysis - read others' body language and anticipate their actions.
  • Combat Adapt - adapt to any type or style of combat..
  • Hand to hand combat specialist - be a hand-to-hand combat genius
  • Child prodigy - becomes a master of one or multiple skills far beyond one's level of maturity.
  • Mystical Martial Arts - utilize mystical combat in multiple forms of martial arts

And more.....


Sapphire - function for long periods of time without tiring or straining oneself. Enchaned strength , speed , stamina , and more. Body gives out a large mount of blue Chi aura.

'Sapphire Tiger claw - 'extend and retract sharp claws, that are made from his blue chi power.

Power - generate and control limitless amounts of energy from one's own body.

sapphire kick -  'possess incredible  speed in one's own legs to attack at imperceivable velocities.'.

sapphire punch - increase strength but down grades his speed. but critical hit power.

The speed of light - able to move faster than light . and sometimes can time travel.

'Sapphire Times - 'enhance physical attacks with energy

Special Attacks Edit

  • Ajna aka Third Eye Chakra - When Jojo Jr. is in meditation which makes him enter Higher are super Consciousness which unlocks all of his Chakra with out going into special training to unlock them one by one like his ancestor Jojo.
  • Holy Fire Manipulation - create and control holy flames, which embodies the Purifying aspect of Fire.
  • Holy gift  - gain things desired through prayer
  • 'Dragon power north star punch - 'posses great physical strength and speed in one's arms and upper body.

Third eye chakra: Powers of Ajna chakraEdit

Enchanted Condition -  remain in the peak physical and/or mental condition of user's species with little or no maintaining.

Flash precognition - see things seconds or minutes before they happen, Aslong it remains open he can predict an opponents moves before they happen.

'Enchance Reflex - 'have drastically enhanced reaction speed.

Pressure point intuition - possess immense, if not innate, knowledge of others' pressure points and nerve clusters.

Enchance Regeneration - heal rapidly from any physical injury.

State of mind - enter a state of understanding one's self, and everything around them.

Aura and chi reading - see the auras of others

Divine Empowerment - gain power from divine gods, spirits, concepts, or forces

'Almighty Link - 'manipulate and generate the energy and connections that link all chakra

Unimind - be connected with all things and their essences.

Weakness to the Third Eye  Edit

Third Eye -  the user possesses great strength and ability at a cost.

Power balance - increase or decrease the powers of others or oneself via balance.

'If someone use Sugar manipulation - ' glucose, sucrose and other and sugars.

if someone one use God breath - Blocks any Chakra.


Celestial Arrows - The most powerful weapon .

Swordsmith - Makes the weilder Invincible.

Quote Edit

You Monster !

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