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Anansi is a great surfer and vigilante with spider like powers he can even swindle an deity out of ten bucks if he wanted he is also a good trickstir.He is also the chosen gardian of Queen Morrgian.Most think he's a sociopath but he just likes not talking much he can hear and see into the past and future talking to two powerful and beautiful enchantress [Freya-Past and Shiva-Future] they help him on his quest to protect Morrgian.


  • Arachnid Physiology-He mimics an spider like an pro in his home country of The Nü Jamaican Republic he's called The Grey Cobweb.He has enhanced senses and thinks like he's prey making finding and killing him hard to do.
  • Enhanced Charisma-He is skilled in making people join his side.
  • Illusion Manipulation-Like Jace he is a master illusionist and is very illusive plus his illusions are mind over matter.
  • Trickster-He is a big prankster making Shinobi like tricks that don't usually backfire on him.
  • Arachnid Manipulation-He can control any type no matter where it's from.
  • Aether manipulation-He can control aether which is a form of Chi to make constructs that can hurt intangible beings.
  • Ability Understanding-He can understand how any ability works just by seeing it once.
  • Unpredictably-You won't know what stupid thing he'll do next.
  • Omniimmunity-He can get sick by any disease in Mu.
  • Omnicure-He can cure any illness he wants by touching the infected person.
  • Omniview-He can see in omnidirectional vision so he doesn't have a weak point.
  • Omnilock-When he was young he made a wish to live outside of space and time and he got just that nothing normal can hurt him.


  • He can't swim.
  • He can't beat the Fire elementals on Nü Jamaica.
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