FileAnima Yuki onna by Wen M

She loves hanging around in trees just for fun.

She was one of Gen'yū Kurotsuchi's teachers an superiors she is one of the most powerful captains in the Intergalactic.Intelligence.Agency.She is the personifaction of Ice/cold.She has an sizeable bust and Ice blue eyes and hair she is 5'7" and can take down anyone she wants.


Nice and wise but she is bossy to her step-brother she unlike her brother is an caring person even though she isn't from his clan.


Yuki-Onna Physology-She is an ice-yokai called Yuki-Onna she is the personification of Ice and cold.

  • Ice Manipulation-She can create and control ice at will she can do various things with said ice.
  • Ice Mimicry-She can make her whole body into ice and still have it move like it was still flesh.

One-Woman Army-

Grand Flame-


Pheromone Manipulation-

Supernatural Properties Manipulation-

Elemental Transmutation-

Biological Assimilation-She can absorb all forms of female life and gain extra life-force from said absorption.


Invulnerability-She can take hits that would kill and still get back up without much damage.

berserker physiology-She can become an bloodthirsty warrior that kills everything in her way with an smile.

Vacuum Adaptation-She can breath in the vaccum of space forever if she wanted to.

Plant Manipulation-She can control plants at will when ever she wants she can even talk to them.

Aura Manipulation-

Enhanced Beauty-



She must bound with an soul to possess an body

Her hypnotic beauty only works on men

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