Alser is a no good god that would kill just to get the job done.


He's caring kind of.


Faust fire manipulation-He is made out of faust fire that can burn anything.

Picture Manifestation-He can make images in pictures come to life.

Expert artist-He an draw great like Vincent Van Gogh.


Water hurts him a lot and could kill him.


Noa Ota-Noa is his son that hates him.

Matsuri Ijuin-He burned her to break the mind control spell but she took it the wrong way.

Lich Emperor»Alder may be evil but stopped the Lich in his evil tracks when he was in the Chimera war using dead bodies for his wicked and grizzly, Vile and twisted army.The Lich is an powerful Necromancer and can reincarnate into a new form each time he dies.

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