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She's the Vice admiral of the I.I.A and is an alcholic alchemist who is ususally seen in a tankini or an bikini.An Feature that stands out on her are her huge breast.Measurements:Ht:145 waist:56 hip:68 and bust:101cm


Alchemy-She can change any thing into another object via alchemy she likes making beer/wine with this.

Accelerated Metabolism-She gets rid of alcohol gut quick and burns off fat extremely fast so she super skiny but has some fat even referred to as an human Rangekko[Soul reaper from Bleach].

Alcohol Empowerment-She gains powers from the alcohol she ingest.

Alcohol Immunity-She can't get drunk not even buzzed and she hates that Avery Vulcan likes to joke about it even though he's straight-edge[Look up CM Punk].

Darkforce Manipulation-She controls the mysterious darkforce of the omniverse.

Enhanced Memory-She may be a wanabe drunk but she has a sharp mind.Ever if underlings try to trick her she knows their pulling wool over her eyes.

Enhanced Mortality-She gains powers from any good, evil and/or neutral party.

Enhanced Reflexes-She has amazing reflexes like all sober I.I.A members[Although she can't get drunk but she pretends to.]

Enigma Force-She works for the Dragon of the Cosmos and was given these ultimate powers that also gave her an second mind Named Babe.

Intuitive Empathy-She can understand anyone's troubles but doesn't like to tell them.

Internal Bodily Cleansing-She can pass an drug and alcohol test by cleansing her body of any type of impurity.

Infinite Supply-She never runs out of any liquid or any type of Liquor.

Infinite digestive system-She may have an body that every I.I.A girl wishs for but she can eat a lot I mean a lot.

Blood Pressure Manipulation-She can control her own blood so she won't die from all the alcohol she drinks.

Speed swimming-She is an amazing swimmer this is why she's always in a swimsuit and all mission in the water goes swimmingly.

Free Diving-She can hold her breath for 3hours.Her lungs are abnormally huge.


  • she can't really get drunk.
  • Her body under constant blood pressure pills effects constantly an must be maintained a lot.
  • She can be lazy


  • Akiza means 'Bright' in japanese
  • Hazama means 'The Edge' in japanese.
  • Avery jokingly calls her Izayoi because she was born on the seventh cycle of the moon.
  • Izayoi means 'Seven-day-old-moon' in japanese.[The use use of Izayoi is just a mere coincidence because Akiza Izayoi also has this apart of her name.]
  • She is called Hazama because she lives on the edge by drink alcohol-poisoning amounts of beer.
  • Despite of her age[22 years] she acts like an mother to Calix Avery although Avery is Over 1,000+ years older than her.
  • She vary outspoken like Avery and most of the other females of the I.I.A and she's not afraid to stick-out her chest[literally] in front of anyone.
  • She is the only female not planned to have a crush on Avery.
  • Like Bo'rai Chou from Mortal Combat she uses the drunken-fist.
  • She is supposed to be the 'Drunken mother/female figure' of the show.
  • Rangekko[or however you spell it is my second favorite female bleach character with Rukia in third and Soi Fon in first]
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