This was an clan killed by the Masked Man during the Test.


Well not much is known about this clan but it's three member left.

Traits Powers

These are powers members of the clan have.

Sui Generis Manipulation-

Grand Flame-

Ectoplasm Manipulation-

Higher Consciousness-

Power Distribution-

Puppet Mastery-

Strong Soul-

Soul Manipulation-

Dimension Shifting-

Magnetism Manipulation-

Truth Manipulation-

Empathetic Masochism-

Elemental Mimicry-

Supernatural Beauty-

Supernatural Survivability-


Life-Force Absorption-

Power Via Blood-

Overburst Power-


Projectile Enhancement-

Traits Physical

Hair-Via Drug Usage the Akatsuki clan has various hair colors but manily red.

Eye color-Their blaze red eyes are an powerful trait most have in the family

Body Physique-With their Accelerated Metabolism they are physically fit and powerful being able to bench press up to 120,560kilograms

Mind set-They usually nice and polite but the powerful members gain an second mind that's crule and arrogant.

Dojutsu-This clans eye technique is an powerul one it's called 'King's Ransome' it is so powerful it is forbiden in Mu.


None know

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