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The ability to incite existential decay against adaptive targets by inflicting counter-adaptive harm against them. Variation of.

Also known as

  • Adaptive Disruption


The user is able to create existential seeds of adaptive harm that counter-adapts any ability, immunity or otherwise gained from adaptation. Fully capable of manifesting itself beyond the limits of existence, it can present itself in ways nothing has ever before or will ever again.

Though most of its characteristics and effects to targets are still yet to be known, one thing remains for certain - the target, his abilities, and how he exists in this reality or beyond cannot and will not limit the infinite destructive potential of this weapon.

Eventually the never ending adaptive loops will take their toll on the target and existential decay will take hold of their entirety inevitably leading to the absolute cessation of their existence.


  • Sabotages any variation of Adaptation down to its very core and weakens every effect, ability, or skill gained from it.
  • Infinitely creates new ways to harm, torture, counter-adapt the target and incite existential decay by creating infinite loops of adaptation and counter-adaptation pushing their adaptive abilities to the absolute limit.
  • Increasingly accelerates the rate by which the harmful adaptive loops takes place rendering the target completely immobile and unable to use other abilities other than variations of Adaptation.


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